Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why does the internet suck...

As I sit here typing this I am uploading a video to YouTube. This is the second time I'm uploading this video because the first time it stopped, over half an hour into the upload, at 88%. Firstly, YouTube definitely needs to show your upload speed, so if for some reason it goes to 0, you can try to fix the problem, especially for big videos uploaded using the Advanced Video Upload feature, which "allows" resumable uploads even though I've had videos stop and never resume. There needs to be a refresh feature, or possibly a separate applet for uploading large files to YouTube. It's great they use Java, but that means nothing if it's still in the browser. Uploading a video to YouTube should be no different then uploading anything else. It needs to give an estimated time in minutes:seconds and shows the speed of the upload, and needs the extra option to "resume later". It's just data, it's possible, it can't be hard to do.  Give us a way to upload that will consistently work, regardless of internet stability, or the need to disconnect. It really can't be that damn hard.

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