Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weather and School

So I had to go to school today, which is very depressing because it was -11 degrees Celsius, -19 with wind chill, and there was a snow storm last night, so I walked to school in a 5cm of snow. They should have canceled lectures. Roads looked like garbage, and barely any sidewalks had been cleared by 8:30. Actually, some of the paths on campus weren't even cleared. Needless to say, it was a long cold walk here. Also, the "board" of greedy rich idiots who run the school are raising tuition between 3 and 6 percent depending on the enrolled program. The University of Waterloo's tuition is among the high end anyways, raising it more is just asinine, especially because their enrollment has also increased, meaning more students in debt and wealthier people at the top of the chain.

Also, I'll be uploading the rest of the Red Dead Redemption Playthrough today!

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